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Sell and grant access to private packages powered by git and dependency managers
A marketplace for developers by developers. Use the power of dependency managers to grant access to premium packages, themes and plugins.
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Sell your JavaScript, PHP, Python (and more) packages

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Why Package Market

Easy Versioning
Make available only the branches or tag releases that you want to sell. Publishing a new version is just a git push away.
Rolling Updates
Developers will be able to install and update your packages as they would normally do with their dependencies.
Multiple Licensing Options
Customise once-off and recurring pricing plans per package to bill you your customers.
Customisable Storefront
Set up your storefront with your own logo and branding colors.
Focus On What Matters
We will take care of the hard part, validating licenses and billing. Focus on your code.
Powered by Git
Publish packages from your existing git repositories. Stop dealing with zip files.
Get advanced reporting about downloads, usage and more.
Best Of Both Worlds
Get PR and issues support as if you were publishing your package as Open Source.

How does it work?

Versioning .zip files is old-fashioned and super-hard. Use the tools for what they are meant to and make your code available through the most common dependency managers.
Use your favourite git provider


Import your package from your favourite repository provider. It's easy, connect your account and select your repository!
Ruby Gems
Use dependency managers


Include you package into our private dependency manager in one click and make it available to download through the most common dependency managers as usual.
$ npm install @vendor/package
$ composer require vendor/package
Configure your store and pricing


Set up the pricing of your packages and choose between one-time or recurring licenses. Feel free to customise your storefront's look and feel with your colors and branding!
Time to market

Start earning

As soon as package is available in Package Market you will get a customizable storefront. Developers will be able to get licenses to download your code. We will take care of the billing and the fuzz.
🏖 Relax and get your money right to your PayPal or bank account.
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We will notify you when private beta comes out!